22nd November – Canoryon Lowen

Canoryon Lowen  is a mixed choir of 35 singers, based in the village of  St Neot, but with members drawn from both Devon and Cornwall.  Formed in 2002 under the musical directorship of Cornish Bard Nick Hart (Ilewydh Sen Neot), The choir performs music from a very wide repertoire, including classical, church music, rock ballads, spirituals and musicals – from Tallis to Tavener, Beatles to Broadway, and everything in between.

As well as local concerts the choir has undertaken a number of  tours, singing in Prague, Venice, Cortina, Florence and Lorient; and recitals in Cobh, St Finn Barres (Cork) and Coventry Cathedrals.  Among recent projects have been  sell-out performances of new works including the community opera A Daughter’s Tale,  ‘The Midwinter Cantata’ , and as a collaboration with the Cornish band Dalla,  A Story of Cornwall, which won the 2016 Gorsedh prize for composition and performance.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall commissioned the 2018 performance of Great Circle which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the legendary Golden Globe Yacht race.
“By now I should not be surprised by the quality of the arrangements your choirs sing nor by the variety in the repertoire and the precision and feeling in its presentation, but I thought that on Saturday this surpassed all previous experience.”

“… a wonderful programme of music … the audience were spellbound by the quality of the singing and the richness of the sound …sheer professionalism …” (Cornish Guardian)

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