22nd October – Budapest Cafe Orchestra

A four-piece acoustically electrifying band playing gypsy & folk-flavoured music from all around the world. The Budapest Cafe Orchestra re-deliver traditional Balkan, Russian, Hungarian and Romanian traditional gypsy and folk music in their own, surprising, way with jazz nuances and their own unique arrangements.

BCO are specialists of the ‘distilled concerto’: e.g. the Rachmaninov and the Greig Squeezebox Concertos: admired for their artful re-workings of such masterpieces by the greats of the Romantic era. Established in 2009 by award-winning British composer, violinist and teacher Christian Garrick

“Acoustically Electrifying” NME
“Brain placebo” Times
“The finest purveyors of folk and gypsy-flavoured music this side of a Lada scrap-heap!”

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