28th April – Tamara Stewart

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Nashville based Australian Multi-Award winning Singer/Songwriter Tamara Stewart is returning to the UK on the release of her 5th album “The Truth, The Music & Me”.

With multiple Number one’s to her name with her own albums, Tamara is also a co-writer on many of Australia’s Country Music royalty chart topping successes.  An ultimate storyteller on stage in both banter and song, audiences can, at times, laugh along, cry along and sing along to the raw truth she shares from her own story. Tamara uses her powerful vocals and emotional writing style on her newest album project The Truth The Music and Me to share the deepest most personal body of work to date.

Tamara’s new album tells a story – song by song, part by part and listeners who go on this journey with her can rest assured, this story ends well and we all realise it’s at times hard to know where Tamara’s story stops and ours begins.

Don’t miss your chance to see Tamara on the UK leg of her tour.



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