4th October – Ben Ottewell

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One of the three lead singers of Gomez, Ben was the recipient of the Mercury Music Award Prize in 1998, and is well known for his “deep, raspy voice and “gravelly baritone”. In 2011, Ottewell embarked upon a solo-project, with the debut album Shapes & Shadows.

His solo career has gone from strength to strength but he is still very much a part of Gomez, having recently completed an American tour. Last year he visited Kingskerswell with his latest solo release, ‘A Man Apart’ and now he returns with another helping of fabulous music.

Given that Ben turned 40 last summer, and given that next year marks the 20th Anniversary of his former band Gomez’s Mercury Music Prize-winning debut Bring It On, it was perhaps inevitable that his latest record was proceeded by a fair amount of stock-taking and personal reflection. “I still love my Americana and my JJ Cale”, says Ben in summary, “but I think this is quite an English-sounding record. I feel like I’m really finding my feet as a writer, and I notice that the people who are coming to my shows these days aren’t necessarily Gomez fans.”


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